Fire Safety Dogs Teaching Fire Safety Across the USA!

Hi boys and girls!

The Fire Safety Dogs have had such an amazing time teaching fire safety this past month. So many exciting things to share!


Trip to Utah

Tango had a great time on his big trip to Utah!

Tango had so much fun streaming Sparkles’ Safety Spot live with firefighters from Unified Fire Authority. Unified Fire is the largest Fire Department in Utah, with 26 fire stations and 450 sworn firefighters and running 40,000 calls a year!


Unified Fire has 2 Hazmat Teams, 2 Heavy Rescue Teams, a Dive Rescue Team, a Swift Water Rescue Team, a Bomb Squad, and many other unique divisions!

Tango was so excited that Zeteo, (“Z”) was on the show! Z is a chocolate Lab that works for the Urban Search and Rescue Team. Z is trained to search for live victims in urban disaster settings like collapsed buildings. Z detects live human scent and finds it. If the person that Z smells is not moving, he alerts his trainer. We’ve heard that it’s pretty amazing to watch Z work amongst rescuers. He can smell plenty of live people on the rubble pile, but most of them are rescuers. Z runs right past them, because when people are up and working, they obviously don’t need help. When he comes across a person who is not moving or in distress, he barks like crazy until a rescuer comes. Z is employed by FEMA, and is available to deploy anywhere in the country to help search for victims of disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, or tornadoes. Z’s handler is Captain Karen Minchow and Tango was excited to meet her and learn all about Z!

While in Salt Lake, Tango did some morning shows and his most exciting thing was to meet the director of Disney’s movie “Brave”!


After leaving Utah, Tango visited the Nebraska Firefighters Museum and Education Center in Kearney, Nebraska. He had so much fun!


He also stopped by to help his friends out at the Lincoln Fire Department (NE) by posing for a picture. Everyone was so nice there!


Tango also visited the Nebraska City Museum of Firefighting. Did you know that Nebraska City has the oldest fire department in Nebraska? How cool is that?


Siren, Tango and Sparkles II are really excited that they will be getting a new little sister soon! They love puppies, don’t you? It will be really fun watching her grow up and become a fire safety dog just like her big brothers!


We’d like to share the latest episode of Sparkles’ Safety Spot! In this episode, you will learn lots of tips to help keep you and your family safe, including how firefighters are our friends!


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Have a pawsome day! Until next time, stay safe!





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