Fire Safety Fun Across the U.S.A.!

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Tango, Siren and I have been busy this fall sharing fire safety!

We have also been busy decorating the Sparkles’ Clubhouse! See all the fall colors?

Tango the Fire Safety Dog and Siren the Fire Safety Dog in front of Sparkles’ Clubhouse.













One of the first things that the fire safety dogs did to kick off fall was to live stream an episode of Sparkles’ Safety Spot live on location from the Memphis Fire Department. If you haven’t watched the video yet, be sure to check it out here!

Tango the Fire Safety Dog couldn’t wait to get up on this old engine at the Memphis Fire Department after the live stream of Sparkles’ Safety Spot.














After our big trip to Memphis, we put up our brand new street sign by the clubhouse. Our good friend, Jason, made it for us. We really like this picture cause the sunbeams are shining right down on Tango!














Tango had a lot of fun going to Celia Clinton Elementary School in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It was our fourth year to go! Thanks to our good friends at the Rotary Club of Tulsa for sponsoring our trip there!

Tango the Fire Safety Dog checking in at Celia Clinton.
Tango in the Principal’s office. Don’t worry, he wasn’t in trouble, he was just posing for a picture.
Tango getting a hug from Principal Davis.













































Tango helped the children at Celia Clinton Elementary recognize the sound and purpose of a smoke alarm. Remember to let overnight visitors to your home hear what your smoke alarms sound like and share your escape plan. Know two ways out of every room and after you get out, STAY OUT!!!! We want you, your family, pets and friends to be safe!!!!

Tango was really excited to see his friends from the Tulsa Fire Department. They helped with the fire safety presentation and showed how firefighters are your friends!

Tango with firefighters from the Tulsa Fire Department after the fire safety presentation at Celia Clinton Elementary.
Afterwards, Tango was excited to have his picture made with theTulsa firefighters and their fire truck.



























If you are a fan of the fire safety dogs, you know that we LOVE to teach fire safety! Here we are sharing a fire safety tip after Thanksgiving. Aren’t we silly?
























Fire Safety Dogs’ Spring Schedule

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Know two ways out of every room and after you get out, STAY OUT!!!!

Send an email telling to the fire safety dogs what you do to help keep your family safe and we will share your story here on!






















It is hard to believe that the fire safety dogs have done 17 episodes of Sparkles’ Safety Spot! Wowsa! Here are the live recordings of Episode 16 and 17 with Tango the Fire Safety dog and Firefighter Dayna! Please click on the pics below to watch.

Episode 16 (November 16, 2011):














Episode 17 (December 12, 2011):
















To watch Sparkles’ Safety Spot at 7 P.M the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, or to learn more about the show, click on the button below!








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Would you like for me and the other fire safety dogs to come to your school via Skype? Ask a grown-up to click HERE to learn more!

















Color the Fire Safety Dogs a Picture!

If you color a page, send me a picture of it and I will put it up here on the Kids Zone! This month, I will take all of the names of children who have submitted coloring pages and draw the name of one lucky winner to win one of my fire safety books*, pawtographed by me! So, get out those crayons and get coloring, and good luck!






Would you like to send a picture to me? Send it to me at < and I will share it here on the Kids Zone!



Remember, you can get your very own free coloring sheets on my Web site! Click on the picture below to get your very own free coloring sheets!






Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, practice fire safety every day!















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New Trading Card Alert! 

Tango has a brand new trading card! Get your own signed trading card by Tango!












If you would like one of his new trading cards, please send Tango a self-addressed stamped envelope and he will send you one! Here’s the address:

Tango the Fire Safety Dog
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Clarksville, AR  72830

Tango will even sign it for you if you let him know who you would like for him to sign it to! Remember to include your self-addressed stamped envelope!


Fire Safety Dogs’ Spring Schedule

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