Fit Minds and Bodies?

By Diane Feldman

From Chip Killian in Illinois: Our department had recently purchased new exercise equipment, and everyone was really taking advantage of our new treadmills. This high-tech equipment was a little confusing for one of our lieutenants, who asked, “Is it just me, or is the treadmill at Station 1 faster than the treadmill at Station 3?”




What’s in a name?

Spotted in the suburbs of Illinois: trucks from a chimney sweep business run by off-duty firefighters with the name of the company emblazoned on the side of the trucks–“Ash Wipes.”

Fire Prevention Week Horror Story

From Jane Moorhead, California: My captain had been in the fire service many years, and I was fairly new. So, as the newbie, I did most of the public education.  My captain had a tendency to start speaking before his brain caught up with him. One day, we were doing our annual trip to the elementary school for the “Learn Not to Burn” program. After going through the standard fourth-grade curriculum, we opened up the floor for questions. A sweet fourth-grade girl asked my captain, “What is the worst thing you have ever seen?” Without missing a beat, he responded, “That would have to be the dead babies.” Needless to say, the room got really quiet, and all of the kids had shocked looks on their faces. “Well,” I said, “if there are no more questions, we have to go now.”    

Quote of the week

Paraphrased from Chief Alan Brunacini of the Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department at a previous Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis: “Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”

Image found on Wikimedia Commons courtesy of Kelly.

 The Yenta
Diane Feldman, a 22-year veteran of PennWell Corp., is executive editor of Fire Engineering and conference director of FDIC. She has a B.A. in English communications. She has been a yenta (look it up) for most of her life. If you have a story for the Yenta, e-mail

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