Happy Spring!

Hi, boys and girls!

I am so excited that spring is here, aren’t you? Before you know it, it will be summer! Whoo hooo! And, summer means LOTS of fun!

Being a safety dog is lots of fun, too! And, watching Siren learn how to be a fire safety dog has been very exciting!

Here is Siren when he was a puppy:










And here he is now!










Isn’t he growing so fast? Before you know it, he will be full grown!

You are probably growing fast too, aren’t you? It’s super important to make sure that you eat right, get lots of exercise, and be sure to be safe so that you can grow up to be big and strong– just like Siren!

Siren wanted to share that it is time to test your smoke alarm batteries. Here he is with a new smoke alarm that he is going to help Firefighter Dayna put up. Smoke alarms help you stay safe! Remember to have the grown-ups that you live with test them once a month, and change the batteries twice a year!











The fire safety dogs and I are SOOOOO excited! We have a brand new fire safety rug! We are going to be using this rug to show boys and girls how to be safe. Isn’t it fun? If you look really closely, you can see that the rug says, “Stop, drop and roll.” Do you know when to stop, drop and roll? If you said, when your clothes catch fire, you are RIGHT! If your clothes are on fire, stop right where you are, drop to the ground, and roll over and over and over until the flames go out!

















Here’s a video of Siren showing how to stop, drop and roll!


Remember me talking about Emma Zen and how she is trying to get pet oxygen masks in every fire department? Well, imagine how excited the fire safety dogs and I were when Emma Zen sent a set of pet oxygen masks for our fire department! I was so excited that I went out to the fire station to show them to Firefighter Billie and Assistant Chief Fred! I even helped put them on the fire truck!


Firefighter Billie and Assistant Chief Fred Taylor, Johnson County RFD #1, Clarksville, AR














Siren passed his AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy test! Who knew that doing a test could be so much fun! Here is Siren with his teacher, Mary.  Mary helped Firefighter Dayna train Siren for 8. Even though his 8 weeks are over, he still has so much to learn!

Siren with his friend, Mary, from SMART Dogs Training. He passed his class!













Here is the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy seal that will be on my new certificate!












Before I go, don’t forget my new safety show the first and third Tuesday of every month! Sparkle’ Safety Spot began on April 5 on  MomTV! Be sure to check my Web page or Facebook page to learn more!









Stop, drop and roll if your clothes catch fire. Roll over and over and over until the flames go out!

Send me an e-mail telling me what you do to help keep your family safe, and I will share your story here on firelife.com!



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Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, practice fire safety every day!







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