Head Stuck in the Toilet!

Head stuck in the toilet!

From Lt. Mike Ciampo, FDNY: We got a run for a three-year-old with her head stuck in a toilet. That’s what the run ticket said. You could imagine the thoughts going through my head. We got there, and this little girl had a Dora the Explorer (TV character) training toilet seat around her neck like a necklace. Thank goodness it was plastic!




Training tip

Battalion Chief Billy Goldfeder, Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department, gave this advice at an earlier FDIC : “Post one-page training bulletins in the bathrooms, just like sports bars post the newspaper there.”

That’s a big hole!

An assistant chief in Texas was in command of a two-story apartment fire that occurred right after the Shuttle Columbia crash. He thought the shuttle caused a big hole in the roof of the apartment building on fire. It turns out that the big hole in the roof was caused by the fire itself, which burned through the roof, revealing an atrium below.

Make training a priority

Battalion Chief Billy Goldfeder, Loveland-Symmes (OH) Fire Department, on the importance of training: “We talk about how important the job is, but when we get back to the firehouse, our priorities are the meal and the TV. Make your people train. Make the priority training.”

Photo found on Wikimedia Commons courtesy of Usien.

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