“Hey, Don’t Forget to Blow the Horn!”

By Diane Rothschild

Once again, thanks to excellent fire photographer and (humorist) Ron Jeffers for the following photos and captions. Ron is a New Jersey Metro Fire Photographer and long-time Fire Engineering and Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment photographer.


“Hey, don’t forget to blow the horn!”



“But I have to leave, NOW!”



A public service message on a pumper in Pennsylvania.



Forgot my sunglasses … AGAIN.


If you have any funny fire-related (clean) stories to share with the Yenta, e-mail me at dianer@pennwell.com. You can change the names to protect the innocent!


The Yenta

Diane Rothschild, a 24-year veteran of PennWell Corp., is executive editor of Fire Engineering and conference director of FDIC. She has a B.A. in English communications. She has been a yenta (look it up) for most of her life. If you have a story for the Yenta, e-mail dianer@pennwell.com.

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