The Yenta: “I thought Arnold was the ‘Terminator’—not a fire truck?”

By Diane Rothschild

Many thanks to Ron Jeffers of the New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers for the humorous photos and captions below.


“I thought Arnold was the ‘Terminator’—not a fire truck?”




“Hey, I’m in the parade, too!”




“What? Decorate the rig for the Christmas parade? I’m on my lunch break and watching the game!”




“No kidding!”




“I relieve a short guy.”




Diane Rothschild is a 28-year veteran of PennWell Corp.; the executive editor of Fire Engineering, Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment, and Fire Rescue; and the conference director of FDIC. She has a B.A. in English communications. She has been a yenta (look it up) for most of her life. If you have a story for the Yenta, e-mail

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