Learning About Fire Safety is Fun!

Hi, boys and girls! 

Wow! The past couple of weeks I have been so busy! As you can tell by my picture, I am growing pretty fast! Firefighter Dayna tried on a fire safety vest, and I can almost fit into it!

Yesterday I went to Clarksville Primary School to do a fire safety presentation with Firefighter Dayna in Mrs. Grigsby’s class. It was so much fun! Since I am learning many new tricks, I got to show off my newest trick, “Stop, Drop, and Roll.” Do you know when to stop, drop and roll? Be sure to stop, drop and roll when your clothes are on fire. Stop where you are, drop low to the ground, and roll over and over until the flames go out.






Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog practicing stop, drop, and roll. Remember to stop drop and roll if your clothes catch fire!


As you may know, I have several dog friends, just like me, and they love to help share safety tips. This week I have two really good friends helping me: Rainbow Diamond and Wingo.


Rainbow Diamond is the official spokesdog for the Diamond Dachshund Rescue of Texas and is one very cool dog! I asked Rainbow Diamond to share a fire safety tip with you, and this is what she said, “I always make sure everyone in my family knows where to find the fire extinguishers. We check them to make sure they are working and the arrow is pointing to green. It is important to keep my family safe!”


My good friend, Rainbow Diamond, checking her fire extinguishers.

Thank you, Rainbow Diamond, for that awesome tip! That is a great tip for grown-ups! Maybe you can ask the grown-ups that you live with if they have checked their fire extinguishers lately!



I have another really cool friend, Wingo. Wingo lives really close to me in Arkansas, and he has a very important job! Wingo was rescued from certain drowning at just one week old and helps the Morgan Nick Foundation, where he regularly provides comfort to families and teaches safety skills to kids.

Here’s Wingo’s tip: “Surfing the Internet can be a lot of fun if you are careful and follow a few simple rules.  Always check first with a trusted grown-up before going online, sharing any personal information, or posting pictures. Think before you type. Once you post it, you can’t get it back.”


My good friend, Wingo, being safe on the internet.


“If you have an account on a social networking site (like Facebook), keep your page set to private. Never become friends with anyone online that you don’t know in real life. Most importantly, if anything ever makes you feel scared, confused, or uncomfortable, immediately tell your trusted adult.”

Wingo wants you to be safe, be smart, and be strong, just like him, and he wants you to have fun and safe surfing!

Thanks, Wingo, for all of your great advice!


New Safety Show on the Web

As I mentioned last month, one of the things that am going to do this year is host my very own fire safety show. My safety show will be streamed live on the Web as well as when I travel. Me and my friends will share fun ways to stay safe. There will be special appearances by the fire safety dogs and safety friends of the two- and four-legged type.

Since you are all so very special, what day and time would you like for my safety show to be? I am trying to plan my show and I would love to know what you think! Please send me a note at sparkles@sparklesthefiresafetydog.com and let me know what day and time would be the best for you!



Would you like for me and the other fire safety dogs to come to your school via Skype? Ask a grown-up to click HERE to learn more!








Fire Safety Tip!

If your clothes catch on fire, be sure to stop, drop, and roll! Stop where you are, drop low to the ground, and roll over and over until the flames go out. 




Color me a picture!

If you color a page, send me a picture of it and I will put it up here on the Kids Zone! This month, I will take all of the names of children who have submitted coloring pages and draw the name of one lucky winner to win one of my fire safety books*, pawtographed by me! So, get out those crayons and get coloring, and good luck!

Would you like to send a picture to me? Send it to me at sparkles@sparklesthefiresafetydog.com <mailto:sparkles@sparklesthefiresafetydog.com> and I will share it here on the Kids Zone!
Remember, you can get your very own free coloring sheets, on my Web site! Click on the picture below to get your very own free coloring sheets!


Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, practice fire safety every day!







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*First edition







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