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My name is Sparkles, and I am a fire safety dog. What is a fire safety dog? A fire safety dog is a dog that helps teach fire safety to boys and girls, just like you! Fire safety dogs come in many different sizes and colors!

Me? I’m a Dalmatian. I’m white with black spots and I wear a red vest with a shiny gold badge. I even have a helmet with my name on it! My toenails are painted “fire engine” red – my favorite color!

I worked hard to earn my badge and the title of fire safety dog. My owner, Firefighter Dayna, gave the vest and badge to me after many months of training! I was so happy the day that she put the vest on me! My tail wagged really fast.

It is so much fun helping other dogs learn to become fire safety dogs, just like me. I have one brother, “Tango,” who is also a Dalmatian. Tango has been working really hard the past year and he will be earning his very own badge soon!

In a couple of weeks, a new Dalmatian puppy will be coming to live with us. We are so excited! Tango and I will teach our new little brother everything that he needs to know to become a fire safety dog! Won’t that be fun? I’ll be sure to share lots of pix of him on the Kids Zone!

Each month on the Kids Zone, I will be sharing the latest news, cool fire safety tips, fun coloring pages, and many other fun things about fire safety! We will also be featuring a Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog Jr. Firefighter each month, so put on your firefighter gear and send me your photo (be sure to ask for your parent’s permission first!)! The fire safety dogs and I will randomly pick a winner each month and feature the winner’s picture in the Kids Zone! The winner will receive a special downloadable certificate, a copy of my book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog, and a First Alert smoke alarm! How cool is that? So, put on your gear and start sending those photos!

Here’s a little secret. I lovegetting mail! If you have a question to ask me, send it to me at and I will put your question, and the answer, right here on this site! Like to draw? You can even email me a picture that you drew! I would love to see it! I just love pictures of fire trucks, firefighters and Dalmatians! Pictures make me so happy! 

Before I go, I would like to share this fire safety tip:

Boys and girls, I need you to help me keep everyone safe. Will you please help me by making sure that the grown-ups that you live with test their smoke alarm this month? That would be so pawsome!

Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, practice fire safety every day!

Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog was adopted by Firefighter Dayna from the Dalmatian Assistance League in Tulsa, Oklahoma, in 2003. Previously, Sparkles led a challenging life as she was rescued from a home with 62 other dogs. Sparkles has helped spread the fire safety message through her fire department and the Keep Kids Fire Safe® Foundation. Sparkles has assisted her department’s firefighters and the foundation with hundreds of fire safety programs on the local, state, and national level. Sparkles has come a long way since her days before adoption, participating in a Congressional briefing in Washington, DC, appearing on FOX and Friends in New York City and PBS KIDS Sprout, as well as having her photo appear on a jumbotron on Times Square in New York City. Sparkles is the star of her own critically acclaimed, award-winning children’s fire safety book and audio book, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog. Sparkles and the book have been credited with helping save the lives of two children and their two families (( Her recent children’s books, Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog Coloring Book and Sparkles Goes to Boston, were just released. Sparkles is a busy dog, sharing the fire safety message on her website (, blog (, twitter ( and Facebook page (

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