Meet the Fire Life Columnists at FDIC International 2017


By Derek Rosenfeld


As the curtain closed on yet another record-breaking Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) International—with close to 34,000 attendees descending on downtown Indianapolis, Indiana—old friends met again to celebrate, while new friends were introduced; relationships that will hopefully continue in perpetuity, forged by a love of this noblest of professions.


Also taking part in the festivities of FDIC International 2017, several of Fire Life’s columnists, led by Web site creator and “Fire Yenta” Diane Rothschild, gathered to introduce themselves, talk a little about their work, and explain how they came to the Fire Engineering family.


The columnists included:


Kevin Shea: Hunting
Anne Gagliano: Marriage and Relationships
Derek Rosenfeld: Sports
Kip Rixx: Cooking
Mary Jane Dittmar: Health


…And always remember to “Keep Fire in Your Life.”      

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