Molly Goes to Canada!

Hi, boys and girls!


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My name is Molly, and I am a real fire dog. I love teaching fire safety to children.


One of the things I like about being a fire dog and mascot is being able to travel the United States sharing fire safety with boys and girls just like you!





During my Molly’s Superpower Dogs tour, I went to Canada for the very first time!


First stop was Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. It was so beautiful!




Sherwood Public School in Oshawa, Ontario


Next, I visited Ms. Wright’s class in Oshawa, Ontario. Had the most pawmazing time sharing fire safety with the boys and girls!



Ms. Wright invited Mr. Stripp, Mrs. Isiah and Mrs. Davies classes to join us and we had the best time EVER!



Although I have taught fire safety to boys and girls in Canada before via Skype, it was my first time to teach fire safety in a real Canadian classroom!




Molly’s Superpower Dogs Tour in Full Swing!


For quite a while now, we have been on our Superpower Dogs Tour with museums from all over the country and Canada.



If you have a museum with an IMAX theatre in your town, tell them you’d like to see me there!


I would LOVE to meet you!


Here’s where Superpower Dogs will be showing:!



FIRE SAFETY TIP: Make a Home Fire Escape Plan


Make a home escape plan. Draw a map of each level of your home. Show all doors and windows. Go to each room and point to the two ways out. Practice the plan with everyone in your household.










Ask your grown-up to download my activity book, send a photo of you with one of the coloring pages, and I will send you a trading card!


One of you will have your photo in next month’s column!


Have fun coloring!


(Photo by Jana Braswell.)




Click on my photo to download my new fire safety activity book!


Find more fun pages like these HERE.


Stay safe, boys and girls, and I will see you next month!


Have a safe and Happy New Year!




Molly the Fire Safety Dog

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