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My name is Molly, and I am a real fire dog. I love teaching fire safety to children.


One of the things I like about being a fire dog and mascot is being able to travel the United States sharing fire safety with boys and girls just like you!





Have you ever wanted to help break a world record? I have, ever since I was a little puppy!


In April of this year, I helped break a Guinness World Records with 107 of my canine friends at an event held by Superpower Dogs in Los Angeles.


My Certificate of Participation came all the way from London!

Posing with my Guinness Book of World Records Participation Certificate!  It came all the way from London, England!


I am honored to have been part of this pawmazing day and event. Here’s a video of the big day!






Recently, I went to my favorite city, Chicago!


When I travel (and I travel ALOT~ almost 27,000 miles a year!), I enjoy stopping by fire stations to say hello to the local firefighters.


I had so much fun visiting the Downers Grove, Illinois Fire Department.



I had a very nice visit sharing the work of the Keep Kids Fire Safe™ Foundation and information on our fire safety Skype program (did you know that your class or organization can Skype with me at no cost thanks to our corporate partner, State Farm?)


I had so much fun showing the firefighters some of my tricks, getting a tour of the station and having our photo made!


Thanks so much to my friend, Marsha, for helping set this up!



I also went to my favorite fire station, Engine 18 Chicago Fire. That is where they film my favorite TV show, Chicago Fire!


If you look really close at this picture, you can see the firehouse and some of the fire trucks they use in the show!

Visiting my favorite place in the whole world: Engine 18 Chicago Fire, Chicago, Illinois.


Firefighter Dayna also had fun. She got to be a background extra for one of the episodes! It will air on October 10th.







The new Superpower Dogs movie review was released!


Firefighter Dayna and I went to see the preview, and boy, was it cool!


Special thanks to Aileen at Cosmic Pictures and Chase at IMAX for helping set it up, Garrett for the pawsome photos  and Malco Razorback Theater for allowing me to watch the preview in their beautiful theater!

Watching the Preview of the upcoming IMAX movie, “Superpower Dog,” with Firefighter Dayna at the Malco Razorback Theater in Fayetteville, Arkansas. (Photo by Garrett Fergeson.)


I had so much fun during the filming of the film being a background actor and I am honored to have been an Ambassador since 2016.





It’s a work in progress, but I wanted to share the link to my new blog, “Molly’s Movie Life.”


You’re invited to take this incredible journey with me as the IMAX movie, Superpower Dogs, gets ready to hit the big screen March 15, 2019!


I’m excited about documenting my experience with Superpower Dogs AND share all the wonderful things about the movie on there.


Since Facebook is so fickle in not wanting pages to include posts with links, I thought, why not start a blog where we can do anything we want!


Now, I can blog about the movie to my heart’s content, have features on the stars of the movies, share pix, post reviews, share interviews, tour an IMAX theater, post important dates/events coming up and so much more!

On the blog, you can even sign up for email updates and you will see the new post before everyone else!


Click HERE to go to my new blog!





Make sure that your grown-ups have smoke alarms in every sleeping room, outside each separate sleeping area, and on every level of the home, including the basement. (*Source: United States Fire Administration.)




> March 2019: Premier of the IMAX movie “Superpower Dogs” in Beverly Hills, CA


>March 15, 2019 Superpower Dogs in a theater near you!









Ask your grown-up to download my activity book, send a photo of you with one of the coloring pages, and I will send you a trading card!


One of you will have your photo in next month’s column!


Have fun coloring!


(Photo by Jana Braswell.)




Click on my photo to download my new fire safety activity book!


Find more fun pages like these HERE.


Stay safe, boys and girls, and I will see you next month!


Have a safe and Happy New Year!




Molly the Fire Safety Dog

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