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My name is Molly, and I am a real fire dog. I love teaching fire safety to children.


One of the things I like about being a fire dog and mascot is being able to travel the United States sharing fire safety with boys and girls just like you!




Fire Safety Books!


Firefighter Dayna and I delivered 18 Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog children’s fire safety books to elementary schools in Springdale, Arkansas.


Our good friend, Joy Wright, donated the books to the Keep Kids Fire Safe Foundation last year. Joy wanted all elementary schools in Springdale to have copies so it would help keep them safe. Wasn’t that so sweet of her?

Chip Wright, Joy’s son, signed the books in memory of his mom. He then gave them to me to take all the elementary schools in Springdale the next day.



Joy, Firefighter Dayna, and I were going to go around to all the schools in Springdale, but she passed away suddenly.


It made me sad, but knowing the books were going to all the schools made me feel so much better.


Her son, Chip, signed the books. He and his family are so nice!


My schedule is super crazy with the movie coming up, but I wanted to make sure we delivered all the books to the children, so we took a day to travel to Springdale, Arkansas.


That day, we were able to deliver the books to the schools in the Springdale School District and to private schools.


Joy and I were best pals and I miss her so much. She loved helping support everything we did to help keep children safe!

Principal Stewman of Sonora Elementary in Springdale, Arkansas, loved the new book for her school!


Springdale Adventist School sent me this very special video from that day. I hope you love the video as much as I do. (Don’t tell her I told you, but Firefighter Dayna’s eyes leaked, she loved it so much!)


Here’s the news story from that day! Special thanks to Nkiruka Azuka from KNWA for covering the story and to all the principals for letting us come by their school!


Click HERE to watch!






I am so excited to share the new IMAX exclusive trailer for the upcoming film, Superpower Dogs! Wait until you see who the narrator is!


The canine stars in the movie, including my good friend, Surf Dog Ricochet, stories will amaze you!


I am HONORED to serve as the film’s Official Ambassador and to be a background actor in the film.


Thank you to USA TODAY for sharing the pawmazing news! You can read the story HERE!


To learn more about the film, visit and visit my movie blog at!


Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!










> March 9, 2019: Premier of the IMAX movie “Superpower Dogs” in Beverly Hills, CA.


>March 13, 2019: Premier of the IMAX movie “Superpower Dogs” in San Diego, CA.


>March 15, 2019 Superpower Dogs in a theater near you!


Stay tuned for more dates coming soon!





Ask your grown-up to download my activity book, send a photo of you with one of the coloring pages, and I will send you a trading card!


One of you will have your photo in next month’s column!


Have fun coloring!


(Photo by Jana Braswell.)




Click on my photo to download my new fire safety activity book!


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Stay safe, boys and girls, and I will see you next month!


Have a safe and Happy New Year!




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