A Message From Novelist Kurt Kamm

Hi Diane,

I write firefighter novels, and publish “Firefighter’s Words” on my Web site blog. I also have some spectacular fire pictures and a page on aerial firefighting and smoke jumpers.

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To all firefighters:

Please send me a few words or paragraphs about a fire/rescue/training experience your or your spouse has had. I run this blog because it’s important for people to know what firefighters/EMT’s/first responders do. People around the world read the blog. Any memorable event, funny, dangerous or whatever.

About my novels – my first, One Foot in the Black, is a WILDLAND FIREFIGHTER STORY about an 18-year-old who leaves a troubled home in Michigan and grows into a man in California. He loses his captain in a burnover and finds comfort in the family of his helitack fire crew. It’s an adventure story which tells about the lives of firefighters, their problems, and their successes.

My second novel, Red Flag Warning, is a SERIAL ARSON MYSTERY. Follow the Los Angeles County Arson Squad as they track some weird suspects and try to find the lunatic who wants to burn down Malibu. Red Flag Warning won three national mystery fiction awards.

FREE DOWNLOADS OF CHAPTERS FROM BOTH BOOKS and more information on my website.


Thanks for the friendship. Stay safe.
Kurt Kamm

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