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After Cancer, Two Grand Island (NE) Firefighters Return to Work

Grand Island Fire Department Shift Commander Bryan Stutzman and firefighter and paramedic Lonnie Mitteis are back to work after undergoing cancer treatments, reports The Omaha World-Herald. Mitteis had been gone nine months with bladder cancer....

Pumpkin Pancakes

Ryan McKay celebrates the flavors that inspire cooler days, sleepy Sunday mornings, and football. What better vehicle to use then pancakes?

Feel Better and Look Younger…The Yoga Way!

For the rest of 2019, Claire Diab will be giving you “Jewels and Tools” from her upcoming book, “Jewels and Tools for Yoga: Easy, Simple Tips for Feeling Better and Looking Younger” to feel better and look younger.

34 Lessons…34 Years, Part 2

By Anne Gagliano It’s August 31st, and it’s me and my husband Mike’s 34th wedding anniversary. How have we celebrated these many years? We delight when we can actually spend the day together, but as firefighter couples soon...

Alaskan Fishing Trip 2019—The Final Day

In this latest installment, we return to the beautiful waters of Alaska for another day of fishing with Kevin and his crew. Then, it's back to the homestead for a nice, home-cooked halibut meal.

Does It Matter Where You Train?

"Finding the ideal place to train can take a bit of trial and error. This exploration is just another cog in the wheel of finding what works best for you," writes Michael Krueger,

Brotherhood Above All Else: Beef Teriyaki Stir Fry

"This month, I would like to share a little something I throw together that's easy to make at the station or at home. It's quick and easy and satisfies the craving for Asian food," writes The Firehouse Foodie.

Test Day

"So, next time you are wondering if your training is effective, consider doing a little testing to see where you are in contrast to where you’ve come from," writes Michael Krueger.

It’s Back to School Time!

As another summer comes to an end, Molly asks, "Where did the summer go?"

Easy Chicken Meatballs with Easy Marinara

A.J. Fusco's latest recipe uses ground chicken instead of beef, which cuts calories and fat without sacrificing flavor.