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34 Lessons…34 Years, Part 1

"So, here goes 34 years’ worth of lessons learned, one for each year of our experiences, and I hope they help other couples who seek some wisdom from older folks like us," writes Anne Gagliano.

Semi-Frozen Blueberry Pie

"Imagine, if you will, splitting the middle between a semifreddo and frozen yogurt and you’ll land at this semi-frozen delight," writes Ryan McKay.

The Principle of Dharma…The Yoga Way!

"For all of you firefighters, you have had different Dharmas through the different stages of your life. Your Dharma now is to help and serve as a firefighter: saving people’s lives and helping and caring for people," writes Claire Diab and Dennis Boyle.

Sweat and Struggle

"I try not to take in too much fitness news and research. By 'too much' I mean an amount that makes me confused and crazy. Most of the time that isn’t a problem, but occasionally it is," writes Michael Krueger.

The Greatest Risk: Happiness, Part 2

"Take the greatest risk of all, firefighters, and choose happiness. It’s easier to be negative and expect the worst, no risk there," writes Anne Gagliano.

Alaskan Fishing Trip 2019—Halibut

In this latest video, Kevin heads to the Alaskan wilderness with his buddies Dave and Phillip and his grandson Patrick in search of the elusive but plentiful fish.

Molly Visits the New York Hall of Science!

Join Molly as she continues her tour with a stop at the New York Hall of Science to celebrate "Superpower Dogs Day"!

Agua Fresca de Sandia

This tasty summer concoction from Ryan McKay is "...an inexpensive but refreshing beverage that takes advantage of the summer fruit season."

The Greatest Risk: Happiness, Part 1

"True courage comes from letting go of future fears and past regrets and living in the now, savoring the now, enjoying the now," writes Anne Gagliano.

The Law of Detachment…The Yoga Way!

Practice Yoga Flow with Freedom in Claire Diab's latest video, made for firefighter dads everywhere.