Practice Fire Safety Every Day!

Hi, boys and girls!

Thank you so much for visiting Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog’s Kids Zone, here on I am so excited that you are here!
It has been really cold where I live. How about where you live? It’s really important that you bundle up and be careful when you go outside. That’s what I do! I wear a coat and watch where I step, and I make sure to be safe.
I have been really busy going to “dog school” to learn how to be a good dog. Thanks to Mary at Smart Dog’s Training, Firefighter Dayna and I are learning some very Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog learning how to be a good fire safety dog from his friend, Mary.important things that will help me be a great fire safety dog, just like Sparkles before me!
Here is a video of me along with my friends at puppy school during recess. Do you have recess where you go to school? I like recess, but I also love to learn!




Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog learning how to be a good fire safety dog from his friend, Mary.



Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog practicing with his smoke alarm prop.Firefighter Dayna also spends a lot of time with me at home, teaching me all sorts of things! Can you tell me what I have underneath my paw? If you guessed a smoke alarm, you are right! I am learning to hold a smoke alarm under my paw so that when we do a fire safety presentation I can help the firefighters! Do you have a smoke alarm in your home? I hope so! Make sure that the adults you live with test your batteries once a month and change the batteries once a year!

I am also spending some time with my fire deparment’s smoke alarm prop and am learning to test the big smoke alarm with my nose. Isn’t that so cool?



Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog practicing
with his smoke alarm prop.

In previous posts, I have had several dog friends help share their fire safety tips. In this column, I have two really good friends helping me, Lola Belle and Do-Re-Mi.

Lola Belle is the lead DMZ (Dogs Mile Zone) Correspondent, and she is dedicated to bringing people the latest and greatest “Celebs, Red Carpets, and Dog Events” through a dog’s eyes! Lola Belle has an inquisitive mind, and she loves to interact with other dogs and people!
Here is her tip:
“Be sure to have a first-aid kit on hand for both humans
and pets! Knowing where to find your first-aid kit is important! We keep ours in the same place.”
That is so important, Lola Belle, and thank you for that

great tip! Boys and girls, send me a picture of you with your

first-aid kit (be sure to get grown-up permission first), and I

My good friend, Lola Belle,
checking her first-aid kit.

will send you a link to a special coloring page!
Do-Re-Mi is a very special dog and is getting ready to be in the “Spot” light! Do-Re-Mi is going to be part of the Super Bowl special promoting one of the beverage companies as a top contender in Super Bowl’s Greatest Commercials of 2010 program (airing at 8 p.m., Feb. 4 on CBS). Not only that, but this amazing dog helps teach dog safety! Do-Re-Mi and her owner, Cilla, teach both children and adults about how a dog behaves, what signals humans give dogs, and how to behave around a dog! They work hard to prevent dog bites and misunderstandings between dogs and humans!
Boys and girls, do you really know how to meet a strange dog? Here’s a tip from Do-Re-Mi:
“Never run to a dog. ALWAYS ask the owner if you may pet the dog. When you meet a new dog, let him smell your open hand and start to pet him under his head and on the chin before petting him on the top of his head. Then the dog knows that you are friendly. Many people let the dog smell a closed fist instead of an open hand but then the dog might think you are hiding something in your hand, so be sure to leave your hand open.”

That’s a great tip, Do-Re-Mi! Thanks so much for sharing!


Before I go, I have to give you an update on my ride. Thanks to Jason at Pioneer LED Designs, the fire safety truck has a new look! He donated all of the materials and his time, because he knows how important fire safety is. Thanks, Jason!
This brings us to a very important safety message! Crawl low under smoke; the air is cleaner and cooler there!



My ride!



Would you like for me and the other fire safety dogs to come to your school via Skype? Ask a grown-up to click HERE

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Color me a picture!

If you color a page, send me a picture of it and I will put it up here on the Kids Zone! This month, I will take all of the names of children who have submitted coloring pages and draw the name of one lucky winner to win one of my fire safety books*, pawtographed by me! So, get out those crayons and get coloring, and good luck!

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Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, practice fire safety every day!

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