Skyping with the Fire Safety Dogs!

Hi boys and girls!

We have been very busy since our last Sparkles’ Kids Zone Column!

Being a Fire Safety Dog is a lot of fun, especially when we get to do so many fun things that include sharing fire safety to boys and girls just like you!

One of the fun things that we get to do is to Skype with schools from all across the country! It is big fun! We have a new program called the Sparkles’ Fire Safety Skype Tour.

We recently Skyped with the boys and girls from Mrs. Harp’s Class. The boys and girls go to school at Dexter Elementary in Evansville, Indiana. We even got meet the classroom’s mascot, Evie Sue! In addition to being mascot for Mrs. Harp’s class, she is the mascot for Keep Evansville Beautiful. How cool is that? Evie Sue keeps busy teaching her community about keeping the Earth clean and promoting how important it is not to litter.

Here’s a picture of Evie Sue with some of my new friends from Mrs. Harp’s class. Evie Sue even wore a fire helmet! Stylin’!

We had so much fun sharing fire safety with the boys and girls over the web. Here’s  a picture of Firefighter Dayna sharing over the computer how important it is to recognize the sound of a smoke alarm and to know what to do in case of fire. Tango was really tired after all the morning’s excitement that he decided to take a nap. Silly Tango!


The boys and girls got to watch Firefighter Dayna and Tango on their big screen in their classroom! This is what they saw! In the picture is our friend, Scott. He helps sponsor our fire safety along with our friends at State Farm and First Alert!

We had so much for reading a book, singing and the boys and girls even got were made Jr. Firefighters! How cool is that!

We love to Skype with boys and girls just like you! We will Skype with your classroom or school FREE of CHARGE! Click on the picture below to learn more while there is still space available!

Tango had some exciting news! He was nominated in the “Emerging Hero” category for the for American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards!

To learn more, visit our blog! Click HERE to see the story and videos and don’t forget to vote! You can vote once every 24 hours!


Can you believe that it has been almost one year since Sparkles’ Clubhouse was built?  The picture below is the picture of it when it was being built.

Here is Sparkles’ Clubhouse today! We have had many good times in the clubhouse sharing fire safety!

Speaking of Sparkles’ Clubhouse, be sure to join the Fire Safety Dogs every Monday at 9:00 AM CST for Sparkles’ Safety Spot! You can watch HERE, live on the web!

We’d like to share the latest episode of Sparkles’ Safety Spot! In this episode, you will learn lots of tips to help keep you and your family safe!



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Before we go, we wanted to share a brand new coloring page with you!


Hope you enjoyed our column! Until next time, stay safe!




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