Sparkles’ Clubhouse is Under Construction!

Hi boys and girls!  Welcome to Sparkles’ Kids Zone on!   I love writing this column because I get to have fun sharing fire safety and all the adventures of the fire safety dogs!

Nothing says more fun than having your very own clubhouse! The fire safety dogs are so excited that construction has begun and that our clubhouse will soon be finished! We would like to give a shout out to our good friends at First Alert for the new clubhouse and for helping keep children, just like you, safe!

In the picture below, the clubhouse arrives on a big trailer. We were all so excited that it was finally here! We had this clubhouse made just for us!


Sparkles’ Clubhouse arrives!














Next, the clubhouse was moved to the spot where it would be!


Sparkles’ Clubhouse moves through the yard by a big truck and trailer.














Here, the clubhouse is being lowered onto the ground. It was really fun to watch this! When they unloaded the clubhouse, William and his son made sure that they were very careful and did what they could to stay safe! The clubhouse was finally in the spot that Firefighter Dayna had picked out. It was a big day!



Sparkles’ Clubhouse gets lowered onto the ground.














Siren was really excited to get the key from William! We were now owners of a new clubhouse!


Siren the Fire Safety Dog gets the key to Sparkles’ Clubhouse from William. William made the clubhouse!














Here’s what the clubhouse looked like after it was safely in its spot! We could hardly wait to get started fixing it up! It still has a long way to go!

Sparkles’ Clubhouse sponsored by First Alert.












The next day, the electricians went to work! First, they dug a trench ( a trench is a big long hole)…



Siren the Fire Safety Dog watching the electricians at work and making sure they stay safe.















Then, they ran the electrical wires to the clubhouse and then they covered up the hole. Tango and Siren really enjoyed watching this! We had to stay away though so that we would be safe!



Siren the Fire Safety Dog and Tango watching the electricians.

















Over the next few days, the contractors worked on putting in the insulation and the sheetrock. We were so excited! It was really starting to look like a clubhouse!



Another inside view of Sparkles’ Clubhouse!










The inside of the clubhouse. The contractors put up inside walls!















Phew! All this work made us tired! Siren jumped up on the porch to take a rest. Supervising was hard work!



Siren the Fire Safety Dog resting on the porch of Sparkles’ Clubhouse.













Then, Siren thought he better check underneath the clubhouse to see if it was okay. It passed his inspection! The clubhouse looks great and Siren said that it was okay to keep working on the clubhouse!



Siren the Fire Safety Dog checking out the underneath of Sparkles’ Clubhouse to make sure that everything was safe.




















In our next column of Sparkles’ Kids Zone, we will show you more pictures of Sparkles’ Clubhouse!


Vigilant Hose Company
Emmitsburg, Maryland


When Firefighter Dayna was at the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, Maryland, she went over to the Vigilant Hose Company to live stream Sparkles’ Safety Spot. The fire safety dogs and I weren’t able to make that trip, but that was okay! We got to watch Firefighter Dayna over the web! Boy, did it ever look like she had fun! The firefighters there were so nice and we were so excited that they gave the viewers of Sparkles Safety Spot a tour of their fire station, shared with the boys and girls how firefighters are their friends, and even showed everyone their museum. How cool is that?


Here’s a picture of two of their fire trucks. One even talks! The fire truck that talks everyone when it is going to back up, when it is going to turn, and so much more! Firefighter Dayna said that she had never had so much fun than when she sat in that fire truck! She told me that when I go to Emmitsburg in June, that I will get to go there and see that fire truck myself! I can hardly wait!


The Vigilant Hose Company in Emmitsburg, Maryland.












Look at all this gear! This gear helps keep the firefighters at the Vigilant Hose Company safe!


The firefighters at the Vigilant Hose Company have their gear lined up along the walls of their firehouse.

















This is a picture of Vigilant Hose Company’s ladder truck. On the truck, they had a picture of Hoser, their Dalmatian. Hoser had one blue eye and one brown eye! We dedicated Sparkles’ Safety Spot to Hoser. What a good dog Hoser was! 


Vigilant Hose Company.

Sparkles’ Safety Spot live streamed from the Vigilant Hose Company in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Melanie helped out Firefighter Dayna since it was too far for the safety dogs to go this time.

Firefighter Dale, along with Firefighter Chris and Firefighter Alex helped show how firefighters are your friends! (Photo by Teresa Fogle.)


















































If you would like to watch that episode, click on the video below!



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