Hi boys and girls!  Welcome to Sparkles’ Kids Zone on!  Writing this column is so much fun because I get to share fire safety and all the adventures of the fire 

Sparkles’ Clubhouse
safety dogs!

Is it really hot where you are? I live in Arkansas and next week it is supposed to be 108 degrees here! That’s a lot of hot! Are you keeping safe this summer? I hope so!

Here are a couple of safety tips to help keep you safe from the sun this summer:

1. Be sure to always wear sunscreen.                                                          
2. Take lots of breaks from the sun by going inside or by going to the shade.

Be sure to do this between 10 in the morning and 4:00 in the afternoon. Those are when the sun’s rays are strongest. The fire safety dogs want you to be safe!

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Since it has been so hot, I have been doing a lot of swimming! I love to swim, do you? I really like wearing my life safety vest. I like wearing it because I know that it helps keep me safe!


Our next Sparkles’ Safety Spot (episode 7) was live streamed right in the clubhouse! We dedicated the show to our friend, Avalon Huddleston. We had a very special guest! Wingo from the Morgan Nick Foundation was in the Clubhouse along with her human, Tara.  We shared internet safety tips on how boys and girls, just like you, can stay safe!

 Wingo the Therapy Dog

You can watch the recording of the live stream HERE! 

Have you ever played with bubbles? Bubbles can be so much fun! Here’s a safety tip for you! Playing with bubbles outside is so much fun! Play outdoors with your bubbles, then your floor won’t get slick! I wouldn’t want you to fall!

Siren the Fire Safety Dog playing with bubbles.

The inside of the clubhouse is really coming along! Check out how it looks!

Here’s a picture of the wall in the clubhouse with pictures of all the fire safety dogs. Isn’t it so cool? Sparkles [the Fire Safety Dog] is on the top, Siren [the Fire Safety Dog] is on the bottom, Tango to the right and Spanner to the left!

Siren the Fire Safety Dog loves hanging out in Sparkles’ Clubhouse!

Before we go, Siren [the Fire Safety Dog] is going to be in the August issue of FIDO Friendly magazine! Siren was selected by Fido Friendly Magazine as one of the top 50 in the world of dogs! The magazine will come out in July, so be sure to check Siren out! Betty White will be on the cover! How cool is that?

Wow, so many exciting things happening! So glad that you have joined us on to learn all the latest scoop! If you want to learn all the latest, you’ll find it right here!            

I hope that you have been able to catch an episode of Sparkles’ Safety Spot either live on the web or recorded on the web! We have a blast and would love for you to join us! Below you will find more information!

 You can learn all about Sparkles’ Safety Spot (which airs live on the web the first and third Tuesday of the month) on the show’s website! You can also find free downloadable coloring pages, find out when the next show will be and more! Visit HERE to learn more!

Here are the airdates!


Make sure that the folks that you live with test your smoke alarm batteries once a month, and change the batteries two times a year!

Send me an email telling me what you do to help keep your family safe and I will share your story here on!

Safety Dog’s upcoming schedule for August:

August 2nd~ Streaming live from National Night Out, Clarksville, AR!
August 2nd~ Siren the Fire Safety Dog’s 1st Birthday. Happy Birthday, Siren!
August 4th~ Siren, Tango and Firefighter Dayna on Talk Radio!
August 11th~ Tango’s 10th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Tango!
August 16th~ Sparkles’ Safety Spot. Streamed live on the web!
August 18-20th~ Trip to Canton, OH. More details later!
August 25-27~ BlogPaws 2011, Tysons, Corner, VA


Would you like for me and the other fire safety dogs to come to your school via Skype? Ask a grown-up to click HERE to learn more!

Color me a picture!

If you color a page, send me a picture of it and I will put it up here on the Kids Zone! This month, I will take all of the names of children who have submitted coloring pages and draw the name of one lucky winner to win one of my fire safety books*, pawtographed by me! So, get out those crayons and get coloring, and good luck!

Would you like to send a picture to me? Send it to me at <> and I will share it here on the Kids Zone!

Remember, you can get your very own free coloring sheets, on my Web site! Click on the picture below to get your very own free coloring sheets!


Well, that’s it for now. Until next time, practice fire safety every day!


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