The Yenta: “Who was that masked man?”

By Diane Rothschild

Many thanks to Ron Jeffers of the New Jersey Metro Fire Photographers for the humorous photos and captions below.


“Who was that masked man?”





“Well, at least this tree that we had to cut down last week came in handy for something!”




“I don’t care about any fire–I’m hungry!”




“They keep building these rigs bigger and bigger!”




“OK, who’s got the water supply?”




“Judging by the tip of the ladder, I guess so!”




Diane Rothschild is a 28-year veteran of PennWell Corp.; the executive editor of Fire Engineering, Fire Apparatus & Emergency Equipment, and Fire Rescue; and the conference director of FDIC. She has a B.A. in English communications. She has been a yenta (look it up) for most of her life. If you have a story for the Yenta, e-mail

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