Medium Rectangle (aka Site Sponsor)

The Medium Rectangle is a standard ad unit that appears in the right rail of the website. This ad unit is a great fit for advertisers looking for high impressions.

Technical Specifications

File Weight<80kb
Third-Party ServingYes
Third-Party TrackingYes

Animation/Ad Behavior

  • Total animation time may not exceed 20 seconds.
  • No more than three loops of animation are allowed within the 20s limit.

Third-Party Tag

In-house or approved third-party vendors only.

Submission Deadline

Please allow five business days for testing and approval.

HTTPS Compatibility

  • All creative, including third-party tags and third-party tracking tags, must use secure protocol (HTTPS).
  • Any creative that is not fully secure will be sent back for revisions.

Additional Info

Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet use the same creative.

HTML5 Requirements

  • HTML5 creative may be first-party served or third-party served from an approved third-party vendor.
  • The file weight above applies to all HTML5 files and assets including images, HTML/JS/CSS files, custom fonts, or other assets.
  • HTML5 creative requires a minimum lead time of five business days for testing and approval.

Available On

Fire Engineering, Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment, Firefighter Nation, JEMS