Native Advertising

The Native Ad is a premium text ad unit that appears mixed within the content of the page.

Extends the reach of your articles to our large audience by promoting your company’s articles in the context of our editorial content.

Native headlines appear adjacent to our editorial articles hosted on our websites making it a non-interruptive experience.

Users are highly receptive to native advertising especially if it is relevant to the content they were seeking out.

Native Advertising content is indexed by Google and is more discoverable because of our site’s authoritative search engine ranking on industry topics.

93% of our audience prefers to have already gained insight into a company or products before making a purchase.

91% of our website audience comes looking for articles or expert commentary on specific fire topics.

Technical Specifications

File Weight<80kb<40kb
SynopsisProvide a one sentence synopsis.
HeadlineProvide a brief, interesting headline for the Native Ad.
URLPlease provide a landing page specific to the content of the Ad.
Third-Party ServingNoNo
Third-Party TrackingNoNo

Native Advertising Components

Along with the logo and image, please submit a headline, synopsis, and click through URL for the article hosted on your website.

Third-Party Tag

Third party serving not allowed for this ad unit.

Submission Deadline

Please allow five business days for testing and approval.

Additional Info

Desktop,Tablet, and Mobile use the same creative.

Available On

Fire Engineering, Fire Apparatus and Emergency Equipment, Firefighter Nation, JEMS