Your Last Breath: Strategies for Success

Recorded September 23, 2021 | View Now!

perational time, and soon would be on your last breath? Instead of draining 100 percent of the air reserve with your last breath, what if you could last 15 to 30 minutes longer? Wouldn’t you want that chance for survival? It is possible to stretch your air supply 25 to 50 percent, and you can learn how to do it in this webcast.

Chief Michael Barakey, Suffolk (VA) Fire & Rescue

Critical Decision Making: Point-to-Point Leadership

Recorded September 24, 2021 | Watch Now!

Learn to understand, predict, and manage obstacles on the emergency incident scene. The closest distance between two points is not a straight line; achievement is the journey and the overcoming of obstacles to arrive at a successful outcome. Getting from point A to point B is a challenge on some emergency incident scenes, especially critical incidents.

Preparing for Your Next ISO Review with the Ultimate Training Tracker

October 7, 2021 | 1 PM EDT

Join Vector Solutions' Tim Riley as he will share best practices and explain how Vector Solutions’ ISO Training Tracker simplifies ISO recordkeeping to ensure your training is right on par with ISO's requirements.

Anchor ties and wall straps

Main Street Memo: Wall Tie vs. Anchor Strap

This firefighter training bulletin focuses on differentiating two building construction elements: wall ties and anchor straps.
Fire Engineering podcasts

Podcast: Jack Murphy and Jerry Tracy on High-Rise Firefighting

Joe Pronesti and Bobby Halton sit down with Jerry Tracy and Jack Murphy, the authors of a forthcoming book on high-rise firefighting.
Firefighters on scene at a fatal Erie PA fire

Fire That Killed Five PA Kids Changed Law, But Some Say More Needed

Two years ago, the city of Erie was devastated after an overnight fire claimed the lives of five children at a family child care home.
A veneer wall is made of a single vertical thickness of masonry

Veneer vs. Façade: What’s the Difference?

Sal Ancona explores the distinction between these building features and what they might mean for firefighters.
Firefighters examining building exteriors as part of training on building construction challenges

Main Street Firefighting: A Modern Take on Legacy Buildings

How do we train our firefighters on the challenges associated with legacy buildings? Chris Tobin and Lex Shady have some suggestions.
Masonry collapse

Main Street Memo: Masonry Collapse

This edition deals with masonry collapse, and indicators that firefighters may discern prior to structural collapse of a building.

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