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Firefighters use multiple elevated streams during a fire in Rockville, Maryland.

Construction Site Fires: The Sprinkler System Dilemma

Ray O'Brocki examines the issues presented by having sprinkler systems turned on early to protection buildings under construction.
Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition

HFSC Will Award $300 Stipends To 30 U.S. Fire Departments For Local

The Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition (HFSC) will award stipends to 30 qualifying fire departments that demonstrate a plan to conduct community outreach during home Fire Sprinkler Week 2021.
One Meridian Plaza fire

Building Construction Awareness Project: One Meridian Plaza Fire

The panel reviews the Philly high-rise fire that claimed the lives of Captain David P. Holcombe, Firefighter Phyllis McAllister, and Firefighter James A. Chappell.
FDNY Lt. Michael R. Davidson

Fire Safety Bill Written After FDNY LODD Won’t Be Watered Down

A City Council bill written after a 2018 fire killed FDNY Lt. Michael Davidson on a film set won't trim safety requirements for filmmakers.
Petaluma CA Fire Department

CA Fire Official: Sprinkler, Smoke Detector Helped Elderly Pair Escape Fire

Two Petaluma residents escaped their home relatively unscathed thanks to a smoke detector and a sprinkler system that helped keep the fire small.
Row frame construction

Firefighters and Construction: Row Frames

Sal Ancona looks at major concerns in this type of construction, in particular the potential for horizontal fire spread.
Fire marshal advising residents on fire safety

The Value of Fire Inspections

Fire inspections are not the most glamorous task that fire departments must undertake, but they are crucial to community safety.
Bill Gustin on pressure-reducing valves

Video: Fire Suppression Systems, Part 3: Pressure-Reducing Valves

Bill Gustin examines the purpose and function of pressure reducing-valves. Video by Robert Hernandez.
Row homes

Understanding Fire Spread in Continuous Structures

Danny Stratton takes this look the challenges firefighters face when responding to “continuous” structures.
Chris Naum on building construction

Podcast: BuildingsonFire: A Primer on the Anatomy of Building Construction

Chris Naum offers a primer on the anatomy of building construction.