2003 Corbett’s and Goldfeder’s Trivia Questions and Answers

2002 Corbett’s and Goldfeder’s Trivia Questions and Answers

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Week of 4/28/03

Q: What are the metal safety plates attached to the base of a ground ladder called?

A: Shoes

Week of 4/21/03

Q: The bonnet of a fire hydrant that flows 1,200 gallons per minute would be painted what color under NFPA Recommended Practice 291?

A: Green

Week of 4/14/03

Q: Radiant heat is transferred through what kind of “waves”?

A: Electromagnetic

Week of 4/7/03

Q: What was the name of the play that was being performed in Chicago’s Iroquois Theater the night of the tragic fire on December 30, 1903?

A: Mr Blue Beard, Jr.

Week of 2/26/03

Q: When did the first edition of The Fire Chief’s Handbook appear? Who was the author?

A: In 1932. Fred Shepperd, editor of Fire Engineering.

Week of 2/3/03

Q: Why are Dalmatians considered the best fire dogs?

A: It was found over time that Dalmatians had the best disposition in working with horses.

Week of 1/27/03

A: What state has the most firefighting organizations in the United States?

Q: Pennsylvania has more firefighting organizations than any other state. In some cases, villages of a few square miles or less have more than one fire company

Week of 1/20/03

Q: “Customer Service” is the buzz word when dealing with the public. While some consider this a new concept, it’s actually very old. For years, fire department “salvage corps” and “insurance patrols” responding to protect the property of building occupants and owners Only one career, fully paid unit funded by the Insurance Industry still exists today. What is it, and now many units does it have in service?

A: The New York Fire Patrol, formed in 1835, still exists today with three fire patrol companies. Although these companies work with FDNY on a daily basis, they are not part of FDNY.

Week of 1/13/03

Q: What audible warning device did Buckeye Iron and Brass Works, creators of the Buckeye Roto-Ray, manufacture?

A: Buckeye manufactured the Buckeye Exhaust Whistle. Attacked to the vehicle exhaust, the officer would pull a chain, sending air into the whistle creating a very loud screeching sound.

Week of 1/6/03

Q: What person is known for coming up with the idea for a Snorkel in the fire service? What were Snorkels originally called prior to their use on fire apparatus, and how did these aerial devices come to be known as Snorkels?

A: Commissioner Robert Quinn saw them being used by public works crews to trim trees and felt they could play a critical role in fire/rescue operations. Once they were used at fires, the firefighters knew they were effective for firefighting and rescue work, but because firefighters became so wet when these devices were placed in service, CFD members called them snorkels, as in the underwater devices.

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