AFSA Presents Webinar: “NItrogen Use for Inhibiting Galvanic Electrochemical and MIC in Fire Protection Systems”

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) is pleased to offer this webinar on “Nitrogen Use for Inhibiting Galvanic Electrochemical and MIC in Fire Protection SystemsWednesday, August 31, 2011, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. Central

Nitrogen Use for Inhibiting Galvanic Electrochemical and MIC in Fire Protection Systems
Corrosion in Fire Protection Systems causes detrimental and costly leaks that can render the life-saving system ineffective in the event of a fire. Supervisory compressed air continuously adds moisture into systems, a key ingredient for corrosion. Nitrogen, a clean, dry, inert, non-flammable gas, will remove residual moisture left within piping and successfully inhibit corrosion.

This 1.5-hour webinar will be presented for FREE to all AFSA members, as part of the AFSA Economic Relief program introduced August 1, 2009 now extended through December 2011.

Connection Requirements & Options
A desktop or laptop computer connected to the Internet is required.  You will be provided with a link to join in.  You will use your browser (i.e. Safari, Firefox, Mozilla, etc.) to get connected to the live PowerPoint presentation and live audio. You can have many people listening in your office.; however, only those who register for a certificate will receive CEU credit. The audio will be transmitted though your computer speakers. Or, you can call in (long distance charges of about $18 will be posted to your phone bill.)  You can ask questions from wherever you are using a feature that allows you to type in your question during the live presentation. The speaker will read your question aloud and answer it live. You will be able to download the PDF file of the PowerPoint slide presentation the day of the seminar. You can also print the PDF file presentation and make as many copies as you need for note-taking.

This webinar will be recorded. You can purchase the recording and receive a copy of the streamed recording, the handouts, and one certificate of credit per purchase. You will receive up to 15 views. If you would like to receive the members FREE live online streamed event AND the recording, choose the package deal to add the live streaming event.  The live steaming event will include unlimited certificates of credit for members only registered for the live event.  If you want a certificate of credit after the live event takes place, you must purchase certificates of credit (one per recording.)

Registration Information
You will register on the KRM registration site.  Confirmations will be received from KRM.

As part of the AFSA Economic Relief program, this webinar is FREE to all AFSA members, including complimentary CEU/CPD credits. This webinar offers 0.15 CEUs and 1.5 CPDs.  The fee for non-member participants is $140 per CEU/CPD participant. AFSA will record this webinar.  AFSA is offering a package deal.  You may purchase the recording in advance at the member rate of $40 or the non-member rate of $280.  This package deal includes a connection for the live webinar, handouts, certificate of credits for registrants of the live webinar, one link to the recording with one certificate of credit for the recording participant.  


About the Presenter – Scott Bodemann
Scott Bodemann is Product Manager for South-Tek Systems, initiated the research and design of the MICBlast® – Corrosion Inhibiting System and played a key role in the introduction of Nitrogen Generation Technology into the Fire Protection Industry. His expertise stems from working closely with Power Plants, which have utilized Nitrogen for years to successfully inhibit electrochemical corrosion within boiler tubes during layups or outages. 

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