Allied Tube and Conduit Launches Kwik-Fit Compression EMT

Allied Tube and Conduit announced the launch of Kwik-Fit Compression® EMT, the next product in its Kwik series, which is specifically designed to ease the burden on electrical contractors and installers.

“Unlike traditional compression couplings, only one gland nut needs to be tightened,” said Roger Vaught, vice president of marketing for Allied Electrical Group. “With Kwik-Fit Compression EMT, installation time can be cut in half.”

Kwik-Fit Compression EMT has an integrated steel compression coupling that significantly reduces installation time and eliminates the need to purchase and store separate couplings. It is made of all steel for superior strength, performance and excellent ground return. Allied’s unique in-line Flo-Coat® hot galvanizing process fully protects Kwik-Fit Compression EMT with a triple-sealed compatible organic layer to inhibit white rust and increase corrosion resistance.

The interior of Kwik-Fit Compression EMT is protected with Allied’s superior E-Z Pull® interior coating which makes wire-pulling even easier with less static friction.

It is made with hot-galvanized steel, which increases durability, while also allows for easy bending. It also features superb EMI shielding characteristics. By using Kwik-Fit Compression EMT, no extra fittings are needed.

Kwik-Fit Compression EMT meets the requirements of section 300.22 of the National Electrical Code® (NEC), and sections 18-27-300.22(b)(1) and 18-27-300.22(c)(1)(a) of the Chicago Electrical Code. It also meets UL Standard 797 and meets ANSI Standard C80.3.

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About Allied Tube and Conduit

The largest business unit of Tyco Electrical & Metal Products, Allied Tube & Conduit, is comprised of many of Tyco’s leading brands and companies. With over 40 years of manufacturing quality products for numerous industries, Allied Tube & Conduit has proven itself a market leader in the mechanical tubing, fire sprinkler pipe, and electrical conduit markets. Allied Electrical Group, with industry leading brands and applications-based thinking, supports everyone’s role in electrical infrastructure design and development.

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