ASTM International Standards in Building Codes Available in DVD and Online

The compilation of ASTM Standards in Building Codes is now available in DVD and online. The ASTM Building Codes contain more than 1,300 ASTM construction specifications, practices and test methods compiled from the Annual Book of ASTM Standards. These standards satisfy the international code requirements established by the International Code Council.

ASTM Building Codes enable you to meet international code requirements; stay informed and remain competitive; specify the right material for the job; understand the significance and use of the standards; and speak a common language that the entire industry recognizes.

ASTM Standards in Building Codes provides easy access to the latest versions of ASTM standards referenced by:

  • The International Codes published by ICC®;
  • National Building Code of Canada—National Research Council Canada;
  • Uniform Plumbing Code and Uniform Mechanical Code—International Association of  Plumbing and Mechanical Officials;
  • BSD SpecLink®;
  • NFPA5000™ – Building Construction and Safety Code™;
  • SPECTEXT® Master Guide Specifications;
  • NEW! – Green Standards: Federal Green Construction Guide for Specifiers, International Green Construction Code (IgCC), Green Globes®;
  • NEW!  – AWS: Structural Welding Code D1.1/D1M: 2010;
  • NEW!  – UL Global Standards; and
  • NEW!  – National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).

For networking prices, or to purchase ASTM Standards in Building Codes, contact ASTM Sales  (phone: 1-877-909-ASTM; Pricing is as follows:

Online Subscriptions:

Basic Individual (Single PC): $1,531; Stock #: BLDGSVC

Single Site Access (LAN): $3,896; Stock #: BLDGSVCX

Plus Individual (Single PC): $1,837; Stock #: BLDGSVCR

Single Site Access (LAN): $4,675; Stock #: BLDGSVCXR


Individual Workstation

Basic: $1,214; Stock #: BLDGCD

Plus: $1,457; Stock #: BLDGCDR

Individual Workstation with Quarterly Updates

Basic: $1,531; Stock #: BLDGCDUPD

Plus: $1,837; Stock #: BLDGCDRUPD

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