AVON Protection Systems Integrates International Safety Instruments’ Product Lines

AVON Rubber plc has recently integrated International Safety Instruments (ISI) into the AVON Protection Systems division. ISI, a leader in respiratory protection equipment, was acquired by AVON in 2005. ISI will combine all operations and products into AVON Protection Systems to continue meeting the needs of respiratory protection users and the changing equipment specifications for all products.

The integration incorporates ISI’s user-friendly respiratory protection equipment and thermal imaging cameras for the firefighting, law enforcement and industrial markets with AVON Protection’s experience in the design and manufacture of a wide range of respirators for the military and law enforcement markets. Trusted by U.S. armed forces, AVON Protection currently holds the largest joint-service general-purpose mask contract with the Department of Defense.

“The synergies in product, technology and markets provide for a seamless integration of ISI into the AVON Protection division,” said Gary Dunn, director of global sales and marketing for AVON. “The AVON-ISI integration offers our customers a broader product line, a deeper technology base and the expertise of an international company with a strong history of providing quality products and technologies to a variety of markets.”

Additionally, the AVON-ISI integration creates a global entity to meet the stringent standards required for new respiratory protection products. In August 2007, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) will require new specifications for self-contained breathing apparatuses. To meet the new standards, AVON-ISI launched the new Viking Z-Seven at the 2007 Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, ID.

The Viking Z-Seven uses a new electronic wireless network that reduces battery consumption by 50 percent. The new robust electronics offers two motion sensors for personal alert safety system (PASS), adjustable voice amplification (VAS) levels and new battery status indicators. All Viking Z-Seven’s are chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) certified.

According to Dunn, “this is an ideal time for the AVON-ISI integration given the upcoming new requirements for the firefighting industry. The integration allows us to position AVON-ISI as an industry leader with the launch of the new Viking Z-Seven, which meets all of the NFPA’s standards and specifications.”

About AVON Protection

AVON Protection supplies a range of specialized respirator products to the world’s military, paramilitary and police forces, as well as first responders and emergency services. AVON Protection is an acknowledged world leader in the field of CBRN respiratory protective equipment. AVON Protection is a division of AVON Rubber plc, Melksham, U.K. and has been developing respiratory products for over 80 years. It has manufacturing facilities in the U.K. and the United States.

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