Boy Becomes Honorary Camden (NJ) Firefighter

Riley Carty vsiited with Camden (NJ) firefighters during a visit to Liberty Station.

Article and photos by Ted Aurig

Riley Carty has been traveling the area to various fire departments and police departments. He is a 10-year-old with uncontrolled epilepsy, and has had brain surgery to remove part of his brain to prevent seizures. 


The members of Camden (NJ) Squad 7 and Rescue 1 and Battalion 1 teamed up to provide gifts to Riley. He was sent shirts, stickers, and patches of the companies.  

Riley wanted to thank the members in person and visited Liberty Station on Friday. Rescue 1 made Riley an honorary firefighter and provided him with a frontice. He toured the firehouse and checked out all the tools on the rescue company. 

Information about Riley’s condition can be found on his Facebook page at Riley Carty’s Renegades against Epilepsy:

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