Brenneco Fire Protection Announces Interactive Fire Inspection Checklist

Brenneco Fire Protection published an electronic Fire Inspection Checklist to help business owners and facility managers do everything possible to mitigate the threat of fire damage. The responsive checklist delivers a personalized summary report on how well an organization is doing in its fire protection efforts based on each visitor’s particular answers.

The checklist includes 16 action items that briefly describe steps to take. After each item, users are asked if they are taking the steps described, clicking “yes,” “no,” or “not sure” as it applies. Once they answer all questions, they click “calculate” to generate a summary report of how well they are doing.

“We have found that many business owners and facility managers do not know what they can improve to protect against fire on an ongoing basis,” says Erica Flora, owner of Brenneco Fire Protection. “This checklist provides a quick, easy method for people to see how well they are doing in their fire protection efforts and specific steps they can take to better protect their businesses and coworkers.”

The checklist includes things that can be handled internally to protect against fire as well as steps that will require a trained professional. It also explains how frequently different parts of the fire protection system need to be inspected.

Click here to complete the Fire Inspection Checklist.

Brenneco Fire Protection, based in Carroll County, serves all of Central Indiana with the best defenses in fire protection. Our expert team provides installation, service and inspection services for customers who believe that keeping their businesses and homes safe is a top priority. We service any size industrial, institutional, commercial or residential building. Being trusted advisors for our customers and providing the best safeguards in fire protection are at the foundation of our operations. Check out the Risk Calculator to find the costs and risks related to your fire inspections.

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