Main Street Memo: Overhaul

This firefighter training bulletin reviews tips on overhaul in Main Street buildings, focusing on void spaces and hidden fire spread.
Chris Naum of buildings on fire

Podcast: BuildingsonFire: Taking It to the Streets: Type III Construction, Part 4

Christopher Naum is joined by a special guest for the final part of his examination of "brick 'n joist" Type III construction.
High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Vertical Challenges

Webinar: High-Rise Buildings: Understanding the Vertical Challenge

Join an upcoming discussion with Glenn Corbett, Jack J. Murphy, and Jerry Tracy about the challenges of firefighting in high-rise buildings.
Fatal Taiwan structure fire

Officials Seek Cause of Taiwan Building Fire That Killed 46

Taiwanese officials set up an independent commission to investigate the conditions at a run-down building where a fire killed 46 people.
Main Street Firefighting

Podcast: Main Street Firefighting: Greg Redmond

Hosts Chris Tobin and Lex Shady talk with Captain Greg Redmond with the St. Louis Fire Department.
Will Thalheimer on multi-family conversions

Single-Family to Multifamily Home Conversions: The Hidden Monsters

William Thalheimer on the potential hidden dangers in fires at structures that have been converted from single- to multi-occupancy.
Main Street Memo on cocklofts

Main Street Memo: Cocklofts

This firefighter training bulletin on building construction one may encounter in your typical "downtown" response area looks at cocklofts.
Chris Naum on Type III Construction Part 3

Podcast: BuildingsonFire: Taking It to the Streets: Type III Construction, Part 3

Chris Naum and company talk building construction in part three of a four-part series on "brick 'n joist" Type III construction.
Podium wood-frame private dwellings are raised with the use of reinforced concrete from four to ten feet into the air.

Combustible Construction: Podium Wood-Frame Private Dwellings

Salvatore Ancona reviews issues firefighters may encounter when dealing with fires in podium wood-frame private dwellings.

Podcast: Fire and Training with Doug Cline: Mike Wallingford

Host Doug Cline speaks with guest Mike Wallingford, fire captain with the Jeffersontown (KY) Fire Protection District, about construction site emergencies.