Fire in Milan

Questions Arise over Cladding in Milan High-Rise Fire

Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala said it was “unacceptable” that a building just over a decade old showed itself to be so vulnerable.
Anchor ties and wall straps

Main Street Memo: Wall Tie vs. Anchor Strap

This firefighter training bulletin focuses on differentiating two building construction elements: wall ties and anchor straps.
Fire Engineering podcasts

Podcast: Jack Murphy and Jerry Tracy on High-Rise Firefighting

Joe Pronesti and Bobby Halton sit down with Jerry Tracy and Jack Murphy, the authors of a forthcoming book on high-rise firefighting.
A veneer wall is made of a single vertical thickness of masonry

Veneer vs. Façade: What’s the Difference?

Sal Ancona explores the distinction between these building features and what they might mean for firefighters.
Firefighters examining building exteriors as part of training on building construction challenges

Main Street Firefighting: A Modern Take on Legacy Buildings

How do we train our firefighters on the challenges associated with legacy buildings? Chris Tobin and Lex Shady have some suggestions.
Standpipe and fire alarm control panel in sick high-rise buildings

‘Sick’ High-Rise Buildings Undergoing Alterations

High-rise buildings undergo a life cycle of being born, getting sick, and dying. Jack Murphy and Jerry Tracy on what that means for firefighters.
A finished attic space with knee walls

Attic vs. Cockloft: What’s the Difference?

Sal Ancona looks at the differences between these aspects of building construction and what firefighters must consider in terms of tactics.
Main Street Firefighting

Podcast: Main Street Firefighting: David O’Neal

Hosts Chris Tobin and Lex Shady talk with Akron (OH) Fire Department’s District Chief of Special Operations Division David O’Neal.

‘It’s on the Property Line’

When it comes to constructing new buildings, building codes completely ignore existing buildings on adjacent lots. Glenn Corbett on what this means for firefighters.
Hackensack Ford fire

Building Construction Awareness Project: The Hackensack Ford Fire

The panel talks with John Davis and Mike Christensen of the Hackensack (NJ) Fire Department about a tragedy that changed the fire service.