CampusSafe™ App Serves as Virtual Emergency Blue Light Telephone

CampusSafe app

In response to a rising demand for campus safety initiatives, the native mobile app CampusSafe was created as a resource for students and faculty. Now, instead of having to locate an emergency blue light telephone (EBLT), the blue light is now in the palm of your hand. A person in distress or danger can simply contact their school security force (campus police) via their smart phone.

“Safety is increasingly a prime concern for students, and can even be a major deciding factor in where they choose to attend. If they don’t feel safe, they can’t learn,” CampusSafe Founder Eric Irish said. “CampusSafe allows both students and faculty to focus on education, by knowing that help in a dangerous situation is just a push of a button away.”

Irish and a classmate created CampusSafe while attending Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) in 2013. This year, Austin entrepreneur and venture builder Edmund Buckley learned about the technology while researching the emerging market of campus safety technology. After connecting directly with Irish, Buckley found out that he had relocated the company to Austin. The pair has teamed up to launch the app nationally, with Buckley serving as CEO of the company.

“CampusSafe is a revolutionary way to approach security in an educational setting, “Buckley said. “We’re excited to oversee its national expansion and optimize a sense of safety to campuses with our technology.”

In a crisis, students and faculty can press the phone’s emergency button, and the user’s GPS location, contact information and personal information will be transmitted to the security force dispatch. Emergency calls of service often rely on a user’s ability to know and describe their current location over the phone to dispatch center.

With CampusSafe’s integrated GPS technology, emergency dispatch is able to locate the exact location of the user until the situation has been resolved. If preferred or necessary, the user is able to communicate with dispatch via SMS text message.

The CampusSafe app is customizable for each campus, and can be programmed with important campus Web sites, crime prevention tips, lost item reporting, and other useful resources. The app can also be used in non-emergency situations, such as when a user’s car needs to be jumped or if they are locked out.


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