The Center for Campus Fire Safety Announces Partnership With Fire Engineering

The Center for Campus Fire Safety (CCFS) is pleased to announce its new partnership with PennWell Publishing’s Fire Engineering (FE). This new venture will integrate CCFS into multiple levels of Penwell’s fire safety stable: the Web site; podcasts of various campus-related issues; Fire Engineering Magazine; and the unparalleled FDIC Conference. A section of the Fire Engineering Web site will feature news and articles from the Center and is located at

“I am excited and honored to announce this partnership with Fire Engineering,” said Paul D. Martin, President of the Center for Campus Fire Safety, “I have been an avid reader of Fire Engineering and practitioner of the lessons presented in its pages for more than 30 years.

FE is truly a leader in the fire service education arena. ”The Center of Campus Fire Safety will provide content for publication on the Fire Engineering Web site including articles relating to campus fire safety issues. These will include information on matters such as off-campus housing; inspections, fire safety systems and fire safety education/awareness for the college populace. At the same time, CCFS members and web visitors will be linked to relevant information about fire safety, preparedness, and response housed on the FE Web site.

CCFS will also be participating in podcasts hosted by Fire Engineering that will revolve around campus life and activities. Designed to open the dialogue between campus personnel and the municipal fire service, these short podcasts will become a source of great interest, good information, and much enjoyment.

Fire Engineering’s Fire Department Instructors Conference (FDIC) is the largest fire and emergency services conference in North America. Held in April each year, in Indianapolis, Indiana FDIC provides a comprehensive range of training evolutions and workshops, along with the industry’s largest exhibition. As a partner with Fire Engineering, CCFS is now exceptionally well positioned to offer various campus fire safety related educational programs in conjunction with FDIC. We will be able to enhance our direct relationship with firefighters and fire service leaders in an effort give them an understanding of the often unique – and normally quite challenging – issues that exist in the college and university environment. By establishing these relationships, The Center for Campus Fire Safety will expand its awareness, making its services and expertise well known to the response community while at the same time opening access on behalf of its membership and constituency to the plethora of information and expertise within the fire service.

According to Chief Robert Halton, Editor-In-Chief, Fire Engineering and Education Director, for FDIC, “Fire Engineering is very proud to be partnering in the relentless efforts by The Center for Campus Fire Safety to increase the levels of awareness, protection, and response capabilities in our nation’s centers for higher education. The protection of life and property through a balanced approach to total fire protection is paramount to the quality of life safety of every community and the college campus community is no different. These institutions contain our nation’s treasure, our children. They forge the very metal which will craft our nation’s future. Thus, they require our utmost attention and diligence in all matters related to their safety. Fire Engineering is devoted to supporting the educational efforts and outreach activities of the center. We dedicate ourselves to assist with and increase the awareness and availability of the good works already so well embodied by CCFS.”

As we embark on this new venture, CCFS expects to strengthen its core mission of supporting all professionals working to ensure colleges and universities are safe from fire. As the national focal point for the exchange of information relating to campus fire safety, CCFS is excited to embark on efforts to broaden its outreach to the fire service.

Supporting the first responder, as well as campus fire officials, will aid them both in meeting the distinctive fire safety needs of the campus community.

“The Center for Campus Fire Safety believes that truly effective campus fire safety programs require a collaborative effort, and by working with America’s fire service – through this new partnership with Fire Engineering – we are taking another monumental step forward with our efforts to support the dedicated folks working tirelessly to ensure college and universities are safe from fire” said Martin “Keeping colleges safe is truly a Town-to-Gown relationship.”


Cathy Tabor, Communication
Paul D. Martin, President
The Center for Campus Fire Safety
10 State Street Newburyport,
(978) 961-0410 office

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