CFSI unveils newly designed Government Relations section on Web site

The Congressional Fire Services Institute recently posted the newly designed Government Relations section of its Web site ( Providing a broad range of information about the federal government, the redesigned section is an excellent educational tool for individuals interested in learning about the legislative process and the types of federal programs available to the fire and rescue services.

The section will feature monthly articles from the leaders of the Congressional Fire Services Caucus under the title of the “Congressional Alarm.” Congressman Rob Andrews (NJ) is featured in this month’s section with an article on children’s sleepwear. Congressman Andrews has been actively advocating for the Consumer Product Safety Commission to revise the standard on children’s sleepwear, recognizing that the existing standard needs to be strengthened in order to reduce the number burn-related injuries and deaths attributed to the types of sleepwear that meet current CPSC standards.

The newly designed section contains a current membership list for the Congressional Fire Services Caucus and the CFSI National Advisory Committee. The caucus directory will enable readers to access their Congressional member’s website that explains scheduling information and positions on important federal issues. The section also features a video message, titled CFSI Week-In-Review. Each week, the message will be delivered by the CFSI staff or Caucus leaders, reviewing events that occurred on Capitol Hill that impact the fire and emergency services.

Established in 1989, CFSI is a nonpartisan, non-profit policy institute designed to educate Congress about the challenges and needs of our nation’s fire and emergency services. CFSI is not membership-based, but offers an array of services without charge to firefighters and rescue personnel seeking information about Congress and current legislation.

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