CO Fire Department Takes Delivery of Foam Trailer

The West Douglas Fire Protection District in Sedalia County, Colorado, has taken delivery of a 500-gallon Alcohol Resistant-Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AR-AFFF) foam trailer to help protect the community against a fire at a tire recycling facility or an incident involving the many freight trains that pass through daily.

This trailer carries 500 gallons of 1/3-percent AR-AFFF foam concentrate and the hoses and specialized nozzles needed to apply the foam. This foam concentrate is good against all types of flammable and combustible liquids including gasoline made with ethanol or any other type of polar solvent liquid. The trailer can proportion all its appliances at 1 percent and 3 percent and is built with the following features:

1.      Two 200′ 1.75″ 125 GPM preconnected foam handlines equipped with detachable foam tubes.

2.      Two 200′ 2.5′ 250 GPM preconnected foam handlines equipped with a detachable foam tubes.

3.      A 500 GPM prepiped foam monitor with a remote proportioner that permits the monitor to be removed from the trailer and used up to 1000′ from the trailer.

4.      A 35 GPM preplumbed gas powered rotary gear transfer pump plumbed to on-load and off-load the foam concentrate. The trailers has a 100′ preconnected concentrate transfer hose line. The trailer carries two 10′ lengths of 2″ suction hose and all associated suction pick-up devices.

When the trailer responds the requesting department must be prepared to provide a water supply adequate to supply the appliances or hoses it intends to utilize. The monitor and all handlines can be extended and used simultaneously.  

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