CSFD Launches the RESTART Program

The Colorado Springs Fire Department has launched the RESTART program that is designed to help small businesses. The program helps small business owners, realtors and brokers find code compliant commercial properties prior to their commitment to purchase, lease or develop the property therefore avoiding unexpected and costly upgrades later on. The RESTART program helps businesses and realtors through the process of finding and developing an existing commercial property so that it meets both the needs of the potential owner/tenant and fire code requirements.

“It is our goal to help make businesses aware of what may be required prior to making their investment and to help them through the process from start to finish,” said Fire Marshal Brett Lacey. Currently the RESTART program is designed to work with existing vacant buildings within the City of Colorado Springs.

The members of the Colorado Springs Fire Department, Engineering Section will serve as a constant point of contact to ensure timely customer care for incoming businesses. Once a prospective owner/tenant finds a building they are considering, they can call the CSFD Engineering Section to begin.

Services provided include a cursory review of the proposed use against the existing building for potential fire code issues, initial inspection of existing building for current fire code violations, a constant point of contact to help users through the process until occupancy, and a personal connection to other City departments and outside agencies you may need to work with.

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