Des Plaines Woman Dies in Fire Started by Smoking Materials

A 54-year-old woman was found dead Thursday morning inside a smoke-filled house in Des Plaines, reports The Daily Herald.

Des Plaines Fire Department officials say Diane Miner was discovered about 9 a.m. by firefighters entering the burning house on the 400 block of Woods Road, on the city’s east side.

A pet cat also was killed in the fire.

The cause of the fire was later determined to be the careless use of smoking materials, in this case, cigarettes, said Fire Chief Alan Wax.

First responding crews from the North Maine Fire Protection District reported that the house fire was “well-involved” when they arrived, Wax said.

The fire is believed to have started in the front room of the two-story home’s first floor, and spread to the second floor and through some walls. It took firefighters some 40 minutes to extinguish the blaze, Wax said.

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