Draeger wins bid for City of Phoenix self-contained breathing apparatus contract

After rigorous testing by Phoenix (AZ) Fire Department firefighters, the new Draeger PSS7000 Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) was selected as the top choice for the City of Phoenix SCBA contract. Draeger beat out over six other SCBA manufactures all with units certified to the tough new National Fire Protection Association standards. The order placed with Draeger is for more than 800 units.

Phoenix firefighters put the SCBA units through 15 testing stations and the Draeger unit placed first–more than 110 points higher than the second place finisher and 166 points higher than the 3rd ranking SCBA manufacturer. The Phoenix SCBA Evaluation permitted a possible 1000 points to be awarded in seven different categories. Each category was assigned a number of points to bring the total to 1000. The SCBAs were reviewed by price, written proposal content, ease of maintenance, fit and function, live fire testing, options available, and communications.

The Draeger units that are on order are also annexed with the Draeger FRT1000 firefighter tracking system to assist in looking for missing crewmembers and to show rescue distance and/or distances to the nearest exit.

For more information, visit www.draeger.com

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