Drager UCF 9000 Passes New Performance and Operations Standards

UCF 9000 The new Dräger thermal imaging camera has passed the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 1801:2013 standard for thermal imaging cameras. The standard took more than five years to develop and is one of the most sophisticated technical documents produced by the NFPA committee. The goal of the NFPA 1801 will be to standardize the display icons and basic operation of the cameras as well as minimum requirements for the durability of cameras while maintaining a consistent, high level of image quality.

“Dräger is very gratified to be among the first manufacturers of thermal imaging cameras to receive NFPA Standard 1801 approval,” says Greg Sesny, Product Manager, Thermal Imaging Cameras, for Draeger Safety, Inc. “The latest generation of technologically advanced cameras meets the high performance and safety standards for firefighters and first responders working in the most challenging environments.”

Under the revised NFPA 1801 Standard, image quality will be consistent and operation of the camera will be standardized, with universal icons on display. As a result, firefighters will be able to quickly understand how to use any thermal imaging camera that has been approved for Standard 1801.

With an NFPA approved thermal imaging camera, firefighters are assured that they are getting a durable, consistent product with a standard image quality. The approved thermal imaging cameras will be identified by a label that states: “This Imager Meets the Requirements of NFPA 1801, Standard on Thermal Imagers for the Fire Service, 2013 Edition.”

Thermal cameras are used by firefighters during emergency operations to determine where victims are located, the location of the fire and avenues that fire spread. They are also an increasingly important tool for use by fire departments in other incidents such as vehicle accidents, hazmat operations, search and rescue, overhaul, and documentation and training.

The UCF 9000 is also UL approved as intrinsically safe and has been approved for use in potentially explosive settings. Advanced construction and circuitry measures ensure that these cameras will not be a source of ignition. Introduced in March 2012, the UCF 9000 is the newest member of the technologically advanced series that includes the UCF 6000 and the UCF 7000.

New features support flexible workflow

Today’s thermal imaging cameras incorporate digital technology and other state-of-the-art technical advances. Designed for extended use in the most hostile environments, these devices are resistant to heat, water, dust and other contaminants typically encountered during emergency response situations and are specially engineered for real-world use, including drops and single-handed use. These cameras are powerful enough to deliver a clear and detailed image in extreme heat regardless of the environment. They enable firefighters to look around corners and freeze the image to assess the situation. The extended dynamic range clearly detects persons and objects near fires. A “black box” feature automatically records up to two hours of video. All videos and pictures can be downloaded to an external device for documentation and training.

For more information on the NFPA approved UCF 9000 thermal imaging cameras, visit www.draeger.com

The UCF 9000 is produced by Dräger Safety AG & Co. KGaA.

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