Drill Of The Week: NFPA Engine Evolution #3

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This week’s drill focuses on portable master streams set up for initial attack from one engine. The extent that a fire has consumed a structure sometimes requires us to set up defensive operations upon arrival due to the volume of fire and amount of water required to extinguish it. The object of this week’s drill is to place a portable master stream appliance in service with 300 feet of supply line from the engine. LDH or multiple lines may be used to achieve flow requirements. A minimum of 500 GPM must be flowing from nozzle. Tank water may be used until the hydrant supply is established. A maximum of 10 seconds of interruption in flow is allowed.

Remember: instructors/officers should substitute their department standard hose sizes, manpower, and procedures for the evolution. The evolution described in this week’s drill is a guide to help set up an initial attack evolution.

The complete drill with evaluation criteria is located at FirefighterCloseCalls.com.

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