Drill Of The Week: Standpipes – Multifamily Buildings

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Multifamily buildings are common in any community. These structures are often easy to identify by the name of the occupancy, the construction of the occupancy, the number of electric or gas meters (if converted single-family dwellings), off-street parking, and so on. Understandably, our method of fire attack in these buildings will differ from building to building. Among multifamily buildings, a major factor in how we attack a fire will be the whether or not the building is equipped with standpipes. This week’s drill centers around buildings that may or may not have standpipe systems.

The key to determining how we attack fires at these structures is to determine what multifamily buildings in your first due are equipped with standpipes. Once you determine which ones do, review your department’s SOPs for connecting to them. Some apparatus operator considerations include calculating the discharge pressure for an apartment building that has a standpipe connection, taking into consideration the potential use of a high-rise pack. Review your department’s SOP for an engine company at this type of occupancy.

Don’t end the discussion with standpipe-equipped buildings. Review your operations for standpipes that do NOT have standpipe systems.

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