Drill: Was Humpty Dumpty Really an Egg?

By Samuel Hittle

In the fire service, there is always room for debate, whether it is what to make for dinner or the drill topic for the day. Much debate has been written and spoken regarding the recent series of Underwriters Laboratories studies. Although this can certainly be a good thing for our profession, it may also lead to an unbeneficial outcome. An individual’s immediate ability to condense and absorb a study that yielded a 405-page document and a multihour online curriculum is limited at best.

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Next, factor in our diverse operational differences such as staffing, equipment resources, construction considerations, or guidelines. Some even have an itinerary of sharing only parts of the studies that promote their own personal or department’s agendas. The question quickly becomes whether or not someone else’s adaptation is appropriate and accurate for your department.

This month’s drill offers an example of how adaptions can become a dissimilar truth and encourages you to watch published content, read the studies, and interpret the data for yourself.


Samuel Hittle is a lieutenant with the Wichita (KS) Fire Department and an instructor with Traditions Training, LLC.

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