FDIC 2014 Recap: Hale Offers Demonstrations of its Latest Products

At FDIC 2014, Fire Engineering Associate Editor Derek Rosenfeld met with Hale Products representatives at the Indianapolis Convention Center to experience its extensive product line of firefighting pumps and foam systems including SmartCAFS systems, Class 1 electronics and gauges, and portable pump units.

Here, Product Manager of Electronics Chuck Hutchins presents Hale’s Ultraview displays:


Next, Chuck introduces us to Class 1’s WiFi Module and Supernode II:


Hale also unveiled at FDIC a simple, safe and easy-to-use compressed air foam system: Hale SmartCAFS. The new SmartCAFS features pre-programmed push button operation enabling the flow of foam with a push of a single button. This product also features advanced safety interlocks and is now available on five different pumps, from the best-selling QMAX to the world’s smallest integrated rear-mount Prima.

“Firefighters are looking for technology that offers both faster knockdown and reduced water usage,” said Jeff VanMeter, Product Manager for Hale Products, Inc. “The superior firefighting power of Hale SmartCAFS offers a fully integrated unit that simplifies OEM installation with consistent user operation across five different pumps.”

Product features of Hale SmartCAFS include:

  • SPS CAFS Control – Simplified user operation, including pre-programmed position, discrete performance adjustment, and compressor on/off.
  • Warning Indicators – At-a-glance diagnostics, including three warnings that monitor compressor-over-speed, RPMs, and operating temperature.
  • Operation Lights – At-a-glance positive verification of air being injected into the system for maximum efficiency.
  • Safety Interlocks – Prevents dangerous conditions of air only or air and waterless foam from occurring. 
  • CAFS Mixing – Balancing valve automatically tracks air to water pressure between 50 PSI and 150 PSI, while stainless manifold with patented Hale X-mixers create uniform bubble structure before the hose.
  • Integration – Fully integrated unit that has the same connections on five different pumps – Qmax, Qmax-XS, Qtwo, DSD, and Prima.
  • 200 CFM Compressor – Operates up to three 1¾-inch hose lines in “wet” mode; heat exchanger keeps compressor from overheating; and belt drive uses a herringbone-type drive belt for superior reliability.
  • FoamLogix System – 5.0 GPM foam system for use with Class A and B foams.


About Hale Products, Inc.

Hale Products, Inc. is celebrating 100 years of providing the fire service with pumps that provide superior performance and reliability. Located in Ocala, Fla., the company is part of the IDEX Fire Suppression Group (FSG) and encompasses three of the most recognized brands in the market – Hale, Class 1 and Godiva.  For more information on Hale’s complete product lines, visit www.haleproducts.com.



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