FDIC 2014: Wood Frame and Ordinary Construction

At FDIC 2014, Rutherford (NJ) Fire Marshal Paul Dansbach wiill be presenting a workshop called “Wood Frame and Ordinary Construction: Principles and Hazards.”

Many of the structural fires that firefighters respond to occur in buildings of wood frame and ordinary construction. The construction methods and materials of these buildings pose significant hazards and challenges. This program presents information that will enable the fire instructor and fire officer to better understand the construction methods, materials, and fire spread and collapse potential of buildings of wood frame and ordinary construction so that firefighting operations will be safer and more efficient.

PAUL DANSBACH is the fire marshal in the Bureau of Fire Safety in Rutherford, New Jersey. He has worked in code enforcement for the past 35 years. He is also an instructor at the Bergen County (NJ) Law & Public Safety Institute. He is an editorial advisory board member for Fire Engineering and an advisory board member of FDIC. He is the co-author of the Study Guide for Fireground Size-Up and the author of the Building Construction Chapter in Fire Engineering’s Handbook for Firefighter I and II.



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