FDNY Finds 4,000 Tanks of Flammable Gas at Welding Business

The New York Daily News reports that Fire Department of New York (FDNY) inspectors found 4,000 flammable gas tanks at a welding business near CitiField in the borough of Queens.

Most of the tanks found in the FDNY’s October 9 inspection were used to hold propane or acetylene, the report noted.

T & T Supply Co. of Flushing was immediately shuttered as the owners of the company were ordered to hire outside contractors for removal of the tanks.

An unidentified city explosives expert noted that “one errant spark” would have caused a major disaster, sending shrapnel and other debris flying around the area.

Last month in Farmington, Maine, a propane explosion led to the death of Fire Captain Michael Bell and injured eight other people.


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