Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association Expands Educational Partnership Program

The Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association has increased the reach of its educational toolkit program by partnering with two additional Offices of the State Fire Marshal — Louisiana and Massachusetts.

The program provides toolkits for fire safety educators to use when educating kindergarten through primary school-aged children about fire prevention and safety. Contents of kits include smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, a whiteboard to facilitate home address practice, a sprinkler head, a flameless candle, and more. 

The original kits were created in 2013 in conjunction with the Minnesota State Fire Marshal. The association works with each new partner to review the materials and adjust the contents for the state’s specific needs. The updated kits include several new worksheets and material meant to encourage continued fire safety discussions at home and with neighbors.  

“Fire safety educators around the country support the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association’s mission of saving lives and protecting property,” says Bill Vegso, President of the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association. “By partnering with State Fire Marshals, we are able to encourage collaboration and sharing of industry knowledge to ensure best-in-class education, while ultimately educating more young people.”

In total, the Fire Equipment Manufacturers’ Association has provided more than 300 kits to fire safety educators in Louisiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Wisconsin.


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