SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden Identifies Fire Safety Gaps in Wind Power Stations

SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden

Wind power is a growing source of renewable energy in Europe. Therefore, optimization and the opportunity of reducing disruptions in wind energy production are of great interest. Fire is one threat to wind energy production that, until now, has almost completely been overlooked.

“There is virtually no research in this area, and no rules or recommendations for fire safety design of wind turbines exists, which is surprising, given its importancem,” says researcher Anne Dederichs at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

Researchers at SP have investigated fire safety in wind turbines intended to be used at sea, after identifying fire safety as a significant knowledge gap in the work on wind power. The results are now summarized in a new report.

“This report provides background information on the subject and should be interesting for the wind power industry, electrical industry, and for researchers within the field,” says Anne Dederichs.

The number of wind power stations in Sweden has more than doubled since 2009, but there is very little information on their functionality. Data is almost non-existent within the framework of fire safety. Until now there have been few fire incidents in wind turbines, but large material damage can be expected as well as a risk of fatalities if a fire incident occurs.  An important insight that emerged during this work is that fire safety must be included early in the construction phase of wind turbines.

“Optimization of this power supply immediately strengthens the wind power industry, and also other sectors. In addition, it results in us having greater output of green electricity from wind,” says Anne Dederichs.

Together with an international consortium of researchers and industry SP wants to work on filling the fire safety gaps. To this end, SP has initiated a conference and workshop on wind turbine fires on September 20th 2016 at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport in collaboration with OffshoreVäst (www.offshorevast.com). The conference will focus on the challenges of wind turbine fires and solutions including a review of the topic, the needs of the industry and different possibilities for funding of further research. The goal is to determine relevant questions for research, development and innovation with respect to optimizing this source of energy.





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